Keyword Multiplier Google Ads Script

Time and time again, one of the challenges of being a Google Ads Manager whether creating new accounts or inheriting accounts from other agencies is the ability to multiply keywords when necessary. When I say multiply I mean creating the right keyword combination with the right match types that will allow me to create a list of keywords to bid on that is thorough and complete(if there is such a thing.)

I believe if I am able to bid on exact, phrase and modified broad keywords for each conceivable search term, I will dramatically improve my odds quite a bit for my clients. Making my clients Google Ads account more competitive than ever before. I also believe if I were to use only broad or modified broad match type keywords will not be thorough enough.

I started looking into a tool back in 2005 when I started running Google Ads for my business and for my client’s businesses. I have created a multiple tools to do this job. This latest tool might be my 10th generation of the same tool and I believe it is to be one of my most comprehensive keyword multiplier I’ve ever created.

What is a Keyword Multiplier? A keyword multiplier is a process of combining keywords to produce more keywords so you can have different variations of keywords and match types to bid on. If you have the exact match type keyword competing with another advertiser that’s using a phrase or broad match type, chances are you will be paying less.

Let’s use an example, I use to work with Apple and ran a few Google Ads campaign for them over a decade ago as an affiliate.

Let’s use Apple as an example. 10 years back Apple have the Mac Pro, the Macbook and the Macbook Pro. To be able to bid on as many relevant search terms as possible I needed a keyword multiplier that would thoroughly generate a list of keywords with the right match types for me.

Modifiers like Apple, Refurbished, Used, Price keywords to name a few are added to the mix to be able to generate the right search terms to bid on. Here’s a sample list of possible keywords to bid on (non-exhaustive.) I would bid on all exact, phrase and broad modified match type keywords of the following:

Apple Macbook
Apple Macbook Used
Apple Macbook Price
Apple Macbook Used Price
Apple Macbook Refurbished
Apple Macbook Refurbished Price
Macbook Used
Macbook Price
Macbook Used Price
Macbook Refurbished
Macbook Refurbished Price

To be able to achieve this permutation, I need a tool that will allow me to define several columns of keywords. Just like this one.

Another set of information to tell the tool is what keyword order do I want and what keyword match types do I want.

Here’s the sample output of this keyword multiplier tool – with the for AdWords Editor checkbox unchecked:

I only listed the first 75 rows, I think it was about 1920 keywords.

Here’s the sample output of this keyword multiplier tool – with the for AdWords Editor checkbox checked.

I only listed the first 75 rows, I think it was about 1920 keywords.

Keyword Multiplier Web App Tool

Step 1: Make a copy of this spreadsheet.

copy google ads keyword multiplier spreadsheet

Step 2: Enter your keywords into your spreadsheet, leave the header alone.

Google Ads Keywords Multiplier Tool Columns

Step 3: Enter the order and match types you want to be generated.

For the Keyword Order column, you can use [KW1] to represent column one, [KW2] to represent column two, [KW3] for column three and [KW4] for column four.

As for the Match Types column, if you want to generate broad modified match type keywords enter “bmm”, for phrase match type enter “phrase” and for exact match type enter “exact”. Please make sure you separate them with a comma. Ex. bmm,exact,phrase

google ads scripts keyword multiplier tool keyword order match types

Step 4: Share the new spreadsheet, by sharing it to anyone with the link “can edit”.

Step 5: Copy the url and enter it to the tool spreadsheet url field below. And then click “Run it”