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Thank you for downloading this special report.

As mentioned in my email, I explored the top 3 strategies that many successful agents shared with me to grow their agency.

I could only verify one of the top 3 strategies I found. In this report, I will talk about what I was able to confirm online.

Many high performing state farm agents use Google AdWords Paid ads to get warm leads into their warm lead funnel, not only do they use corporate’s services they also have an AdWords expert run their ads for them. This report shows you a few big agencies I’ve encounter when doing this research.

Do note that since things change with the agents as well as Google you may not see these ads in your specific location.


Forth Worth/Arlington TX (1 Million in Population) Agent Al (29 team members)


Austin, TX (800K in Population) Agent Ted (24 team members)


Houston Area (8.4 million in population) – Agent Kyle (23 team members)


Dallas, Texas (1.2 Million) – Agent Shalyn (20 team members)


New York Area (8.5 Million) – Agent Brian (18 team members)


Baltimore, MD (600K in population) – Agent Scott (12 team members)


Philadelphia (5+ million in population) – Agent Jeff G. (11 team members)

There are hundreds of strategies you can employ to produce results for your agency.

No doubt that you should utilize several of them but definitely consider adding this strategy in your playbook if you haven’t done so to make sure you are not missing the 500 pound gorilla.

Why Google AdWords is a good source of warm leads and why are they good?

1. Google AdWords warm leads are good because these prospects are already looking for state farm services. They could be new customers who’ve seen state farm’s ads, another agent’s ad or existing customers moving into the area.

2. These warm leads tend to convert at a higher rate, somewhere between 5-10x more effective than your typical internet leads.

3. Agents tend to spend less time with these leads since they were already looking for State Farm services in the first place, we only need to step in front of them and say, hey I’m a state farm agent. Overall time and money spent on a per lead basis is a lot lower.

4. Consistent source, unlike free organic search paid ads are consistent and you can expand to other nearby cities or counties.

I hope this sheds some light on what high producing state farm agents are doing.

If you want to learn more on how you can get your agency on Google AdWords just let me know, there’s no obligation to get it from me.

I can provide some volume and cost estimates directly from my experience working with other state farm agents.

Why am I willing to share some info about this? It’s simple because most of the time state farm agents don’t know anyone doing Google AdWords, if they know someone they are not even good, it’s a very specialized skill that very few people have reached a master level. I have 8000 hours of AdWords management experience and I still don’t consider myself a master but after talking to more than a dozen state farm agents I realized I have a very valuable skill to help any state farm agent grow their business.

Anyways, thank you for reading.

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Google AdWords Independent Consultant.

ps. You would wonder what are the other top strategies other agents have used. Ask me in our call if you are curious about them and I will tell you.